Monday, December 29, 2014

Quilt Room Clean Up

Trash heapI spent most of the day in my Quilt room cleaning up.  However, it is but a tiny dent in the big pizza pie! 

 This is what my room looks like!  That is Marjory.  Really.

Here is what I accomplishd.  It looks so small in comparison to what NEEDS to happen in the room around it.  But this is a beginning, I guess.

 the space looks pretty good, until you look at the space directly NEXT to it.

I think I will take Renee up on her offer of help to get the room under control after the first.  I am having some people over and I don't want stuff all over the place that needs to stay in the room. 

I can truthfully say, I need help!  Lots of help!

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