Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UFOs, Bonnie Hunter and Me

I am hoping that UFOs will be a major project of mine this year. I easily have 50 or 65.  Lots of tops that just need doing.  Most are from years ago when it was too expensive to send them out and I had no way to quilt them at home.  As my machine power grew (and grew to the Avante) I began to complete the quilts.   But they have backlogged.  Most are no longer my preference and don't seem so important, but they still need to be quilted or used in a different way.

I have to make two united quilts for my new vibrating bed.  It is so large (and I like the separateness of two quilts since Frank is a cover hog) that I need two long,  thin quilts that each have half the pattern.  Yes, I like that idea.  Now to start it.

Bonnie Hunter - I have completed the first and second step. She probably is on Step 42 by now.  I want to finish it, it is just coming too fast.  And at Christmas time no less.  I am sure lots of others are in the same boat.  I need to work on step 3 this week.

Quilt the Swamp - will need to be competed in two weeks.  Or less.  One week.  The Oil Derrick is nearly complete and ready to quilt.  I did, however, do a small map quilt that I will enter as well.  It is testing my early skills in map making.  However, after looking at numerous "accomplished" artists online, in SAQA exhibits and  in magazines, I think it will pass as fiber art!  OMG there is some stuff out there.  It seems if you have a SAQA membership and can throw fabric on a base, you can sell it for $750.  I need to get me some of that.

Cleaning up the quilt room - is an ongoing project.  Why didn't you make me clean it up 3 years ago?  Why did I buy fabric?  What is all this stuff?  Why did I think I wanted to save ever blasted thing I ever saw?  Why did Oswald kill Kennedy?  Was it a Mafia Connection or just Russian?

These are questions I must ask the Universe.


  1. There always seems to be a UFO laying around! I may join in VIcki's yearlong challenge as the previous one month challenge did not make as big of a dent as I needed! Glory, will we ever get them all done?

  2. I was just asking the same things about my sewing room... I, however, have an excuse. We just moved 600 miles, and the sewing room is just now getting settled... still boxes to open, still stuff sitting around without a "place" to be. I have to walk carefully and sideways in there yet. I'm doing a little each day, and sewing a little, too, whenever I find all the parts I need. I did finish a pillow for the hubby since we got here. Ta Da!
    You will get to the bottom someday... just keep plugging along.
    Love your blog!

  3. Speaking of Oswald , have you ever read 11/23/63 by Stephen king? Highly recommend it! Get it on audio and tackle those projects. Don't start any new ones. Follow my advice then make me follow it too :-) why are we such hoarders?

  4. If this comes up three times, I have tried to post that many times.
    My advice: 1) UFOs - Put 1 or 2 on the Avante to be quilter before anything else can be finished. Do a simple pattern or practice on you want to do later. I will bind them. Someone will appreciated those quilts. 2) Quilts for Bed - Design the pattern, pick the fabrics, and 'kit' them. Plan one day a week to sew 45 minutes on that project. 3) Bonnie Hunter - Print the directions as they are given ( She is up to #5), cut 1/4 of each one, kit them w/fabric and use as "starter/Enders" as you piece #2. 4) Quilt the Swamp - you got this one down pat just don't overthink it! 5) Cleaning the quilt room - Sorry, I have nothing for this one! My elves can't keep up with me and yours was cleaner and more organized than mine last time I was there. Personally, I think you need a bigger area.


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