Monday, December 1, 2014

First Grand Illusion Blocks and a New Front Door

I am fixing to head out to my Modern Quilt Guild Christmas Party.  We have dinner somewhere in town and exhcange some fat quarters.

I finished all 280 of the teal and pink HSTs and made three of the  Broken Dishes blocks.  Man, they are wee blocks!  And just think, only 97 to go!  LOL.  Tomorrow.

He will come tomorrow and put in the glass screen door.  then I will have someone come and put glare film on the door, the side lights and the front windows. 

My house sits at a T in the road.  And the sun sets at the end of the T.  So the front of the house has full on sun for most of the day.  I need solar panels up on the roof!

In the summertime it is hot!  I will have to get a photo of the door closed for you.  It really is a beautiful door.  I am so excited it is finally going in

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  1. Ok this is just too weird. My house faces the south also and the sun beats down on my front door most of the day too! I have blinds sandwiched between the glass on the sidelights as well as the full glass door so that helps.

    Good job getting all your HST done!


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