Friday, January 9, 2015

Off the Wall with Nina Marie

I haven't had an art project to show in a while, but now I do!  In 2j015 I want to do more maps.  I have some wonderful ideas and a book by Valerie Goodwin.  And I want to do some dyeing and some rusting.  That should make some wonderful bases for maps, huh?

This is my OIL Changes Everything piece that is being hung in the Quilt the Swamp show this week.

The Swamp Exhibit is a wonderful venue to show art quilts.  The theme for the show this year is Metamorphosis since the Bluebonnet Swamp is doing adding some facilities and making some changes.

I hope to have some photos from the show to add later when I go to the Artist's Reception next weekend.

 If you are in  Baton Rouge, PLEASE go see the exhibit at the Bluebonnet Swamp!

the second piece I have in the show is a map of Rouge Marais Plantation.  A totally made up place.  In French, it means Red Swamp.  I thought it was fitting.

Baton ROUGE  and the Bluebonnet SWAMP.......get it?

I am linking up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall.  Please go see what others are working on this week as well.

It is exciting to have such wonderful talent to work among!

Off the Wall


  1. Love the "Rouge Marais" title. I like the oil derrick too!

  2. Two great pieces!! I have that map book, too - very very interesting stuff!

  3. I can't get to Off the Wall, but I do like your derrick piece so much!

  4. Good to see you back on Nina's link up and I love the map name. You really are good at naming things. I have heard about that map book as well - good things.

  5. love that you are showing it this week! It's a great piece girl!
    By the way... I went to the store you mentioned and I just might want some more fabric... we should talk...


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