Monday, January 26, 2015

The Test Was Interesting

I arrived and was sent to the cashier check in.  She  checked all my info, made the appropriate changes. 

And we discussed what the insurance told me.  She said they would not send my chart back to the sonographer until I paid my portion.  So I was right, Cigna!  Cigna told me that I would not pay anything at all up front.

the interesting thing was that while Cigna could not tell me what I would be asked to pay, the Imaging Center told me that my portion would be $8.32.

Neither me nor the cashier could believe it.  She said, usually the patient doesn't pay LESS.

Well, that still remains to be seen, they will be billing me what is leftover no matter what the upfront cost was.  The cashier did say that the cost of the test would be determined at some future point.  So I am thinking the $8.32 was the cost of the visit rather than the test.
Rotolo's Pizzeria
Still not sure how it will all work out, but I did have a nice lunch with Frank at Rotolos where I had good pizza..........just sayin'


  1. I am told you wait for the 3rd bill for each visit. The first is the charge , second I'd what Cigna pays then the 3rd us from the dr. Saying what you really owe . It's a racket. I pay $60 a week for a single plan and still get to pay 20% of the charge . Are drugs covered on your plan? They really get you there.

  2. Could they make insurance any more complicated? Hopefully everything turns out well and it doesn't put you in the poor house. After all you need that cash for QuiltCon!

  3. what a nuisance. Do they want us well or not? LeeAnna


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