Thursday, January 29, 2015

UnReferenced Is Complete!

Last night I remembered I had not sewn the binding for UnReferenced.  So I pulled it out and finished it up! 

So I have now counted it among the finishes for January.  It is Number 4 for 2015!

I have to tell you, no one else was around to help me.  I have asked Frank to put up some holders on the deck so I won't have to do this alone.  (read this in a whiny voice aloooooone!)

I put my camera on the deck, set it on one of the end tables facing out into the yard.  I had to prop it up on the lens cover.  And set the timer for 10 seconds.

You would have laughed to see me hop off the deck, hold up the quilt, try to remember where I had pointed the stupid camera, and stand there wondering when the photo would  snap.

The added bonus was the setting sun in the background behind the house shining through the back of the quilt.  Interesting pattern........I need to design a quilt like that!

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