Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fred the Basset

Please go to #fightforfred and help get this product banned.

Sharie's post for Fred  Click here to see Fred

Fred's family is mourning his loss.  they unknowingly bought a bone sold by Walmart

A Real Ham Bone by Dynamic Pet Products

for him to chew on.  But the bone splintered and destroyed his stomach and intestines.  They had no way of knowing because this was a product that was labeled and sold for dogs.  I am sure they will carry the guilt for a long time. 

What they need to remember is how Fred was given love and care and a new life after they took him in.  Fred knew he was loved every day of his life after he found them.  That is the comfort here.

I have for years, counseled my dog clients to never give bones of any kind to their dogs.  Some scoff at the idea but there are problems with bones splintering. 

Rawhide chews are made with Formaldehyde which is a poison.  When they are chewed into small pieces they soften and lodge in places rather then digest. 

Please give only things you know will be safe for your dog.  Be discrininateing in what you purchase.  And spend time with your dog, walking him, grooming him and loving him.

And teach your family to do the same.

He will reward you with love.

My heart goes to Fred's family.  Their loss is great. 


  1. Oh dear ! I've been buying marrow bones at the grocery store - are they not ok? I don't give them rawhide but thought as long as they are raw, the beef bones were safe. What can I give them to chew? Walmart should stay out if the pet food / treat area.

  2. omg you think you're doing the right thing... now what about wild antlers? I heard they won't splinter. Cole has one but doesn't care for it much. LeeAnna


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