Friday, March 13, 2015

Four Skate Friday

They don't look like race cars, come on.  Frank keeps calling them race cars. 

I set up the second skateboard quilt on the frame and got it quilted this afternoon. 

I need to put binding on both and get that done this weekend.  Grey, But I may have enough of the backing for most of one.

And on the Instagram front, I may have posted a third photo!  Yes!  I am not sure how to post a photo from the computer.  Most likely I will have to send it to the phone on its email.

For those who might be interested, I do not have my email hooked to the phone.  I want separation. 

If you need me, call me.  Emails aren't going to work until I get home and turn on the computer.  I just did not want to to be tied to the whims of the world just because I have a phone. 

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  1. Please contact me - - it is about Bassett Hounds or go to my blog - look at Fred. Thanks a bunch


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