Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quilting Discouraged

I tried three times, THREE times, go into my room and work on something.  The third time I just resigned myself to folding some fabric up and making room for work.  But I was thwarted at that attempt as well.

The reason?  McGee.

He can't be in my room, he eats stuff.  He can't be out of my room, he eats stuff.  He can't be outside, it is below freezin today.  Frank came home early and he holed himself up in his office working on the deals that make us rich.  And he was not of the mind to babysit the bad boyz.

I won't get much done this weekend either.  I have a wedding.  We are partying all weekend for that one!  Karen and I have plans on Friday, Frank and I have plans on Saturday; he is hunting a mask to replace the one that just randomly fell off the wall a couple months ago.

Bad news for both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush—that’s a key ...
All in the news is poor Hillary, will she get held to the same account as General Petraeus? Most likely not.  We can only hope!

Consider this, if you would hold a Republican Candidate to the standard, shouldn't you hold a Democrat as well?

I guess I need to make a Hillary quilt.  I have an idea.


  1. But look at McGee's sweet face!

  2. The title of your post caught my eye. The first paragraph dragged me into the body. The next three had to be read to know the rest of the story. I'm still laughing about the following paragraph and agreeing with you on the next to last statement. But, lastly, I love how your final thesis statement made the post title and last sentence come full circle.

  3. You need to find McGee a new hobby.
    Can't wait to see your idea for a Hillary quilt. You go Girl!

  4. I would love to see a woman become president in my lifetime but I would rather it wasn't Hillary - I don't trust her - and I'm tired of Clinton/Bush - time for new blood - your adventures with McGee always bring a smile - you have patience for sure - I'm afraid he would not survive in my house!!

  5. omg G- you are completely hilarious.

    McGee... you need a course in what is digestible and what is not. Cole needs to go with you to class. Paper and pins and gravel and garbage are NOT edible. Fabric will go thru but it is not for eating. Or thread or scissors.
    Auntie LeeAnna

  6. I'm very curious about your idea for a Hilary quilt too. Not sure I have the courage to tackle a political quilt!
    Poor McGee. Poor You!


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