Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wedding Weekend in New Orleans

Not me!   I didn't get marred.  But a friend of mine did.  And they married in style!  The wedding was in the Old French Quarter at the famous  Arnaud's Restaurant (click to see the  history of this beautiful and old place)  and ( click HERE to read some history and some ghost stories.)  This is truly Old New Orleans!

Her father, a retired judge, married them.  The crabmeat was freeflowing, the crab claw dripped in butter, the alligator sauce poured over silken buttery grits.  And the gin was top quality.  After the cake was cut, the head waiter flamed some cafe brulot with brandy.  And he deftly ignited a long curled orange peel by pouring the brandy down the orange curl.  It perfectly flavored the dark chicory coffee.  I was in love!  Click here to see the recipe and a photo 

We spent the weekend in New Orleans on the 30th floor of the Marriott Hotel down in the French Quarter.  I don't have many photos of the wedding itself, but I do have some really fabulous photos of the zoo and the city.  I am going  to share them with you during the week.

First off, I have to tell you that I did not have any fabric go out and thankfully I resisted Frank's insistence that we head to the Quilted Owl and buy fabric there.  He REALLY wanted to go.  I am dead serious.  

 We went to the Audubon Zoo and walked around on Friday afternoon.  I have some totally fabulous shots of some really great animals. 

Like this guy.  He was so  handsome sitting sentinel on the top of his pole. 

He looks like the king of the jungle sitting there.  But look where he is.  He really is overseeing the entire zoo.  Pretty high up there!

This was his friend in the enclosure with him.  That is a face only a mother could love!  But she sure looks great with the sun reflecting through her beautiful fur. 

I am sure they don't brush their hair daily, like I do.    It looks like they do, I don't see any knots!  I would look like a wild woman without a brush!

But she looks gorgeous!

These are white pelicans.  Actually it is the same one pelican.  Once he figured out that we  had no pelican food he moved off.  I caught a shadow of the egret in the corner of the photo.


This is the brown pelican. He is wallowing among the flamingos.  When he flew over to them they were not happy at all!  They thought he was invading their space and they set to honking. 

He paid no attention to them and they finally settled down.

While we are on birds.....check out this African White Vulture.  I have never seen a white vulture.  His head was orange and black.  He was incredibly beautiful and very vulture like.

I complain about this camera not being as nice as some I have had, then I get pictures like this.

And wait till you see some of the others this next week!  Check back in and enjoy!


  1. The color of those flamingos is amazing!

  2. You have such a great eye for an interesting picture. I love the King of the Jungle shot! :)

  3. What an awesome weekend. Your photos are great!

  4. What a weekend! Enjoying the photos!

  5. I've been to Arnauds. That party was fab. Wish I'd been there. I held a baby aligator but never had gator sauce! I bet you danced...
    The pic you sent was from your room? So gorgeous...jealous... while we were freezing our butts off (as if) you were having bon temps. LeeAnna


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