Friday, April 24, 2015

Face - Summer Breeze

I think I will call it "Summer Breeze".  It looks like a gentle breeze is blowing her hair around her face.  The challenge is Monochromatic. 

I was whining to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color and she slapped me around a bit with some suggestions about how to look like an artist even though I am not really an artist.  Magazines and the internet offer some faces to study that would help me look like I had some semblance of talent.

It was scary, even scarier than drawing, to think I had only one chance to mess up this fabric.

I remembered that I had that lightbox!  Yes.  I gathered some photos and a few faces from the internet.  A few places on the fabric suggested faces to me, so I tested out line work and shading on the fabric.  Not sure I really chose the best spot, but I did suck it up and made a choice. 

I tried to catch the hair.  And a shadow on her face.  Not sure I made it.  I can see where it wold have been better placed.  I do, however, like the stitching.  Freemotion of course.

Frank thinks it is amazing, but then he has to say that.  Although he did not like my choice off the darker binding. 

I really do like it.  The only problem was that I couldn't find the blue washable pen so I went with a mechanical pencil.  I hesitated to wash it out because I didn't want to lighten the dyes already on the fabric.  At first I scrubbed it with a soft toothbrush and some shampoo.

Still, the marks showed.  So I tossed it into the washing machine on gentle with the regular detergent.

Some marks came out, but not all.  And the dyes did lighten a bit. 

I will know better next time.  Duh!

I do like it though.  I do.


  1. I love it! I didn't see hair from just the fabric but then when you drew in the face it came alive! nice job :-)
    At least for me the feeling is to keep going but no, no, no - much better with the simplicity of just as it is so you the viewer are forced to look and say oh wow - look at that!

  2. I like it, too! Ever since I did a workshop with Lola Jenkins, I've wanted to play more with stitching faces ... and now, you are reminding me of that. Note to self--must find more time to play with stitching.


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