Friday, April 24, 2015

"Hole" Earth Dogs - Week 16 52 Snapshots of Life

Since my 52Photos Project with Bella is ending I thought I might try another venue.  I found a great site that promotes dogs, duh, it is where I need to be!  At 52 Snapshots of Life the people look fun and I can see the love they have for dogs and dog rescue.  Right after my own heart as President of Capital Area Animal Welfare Society!

They are already into Week 16.  The theme is Earth.  So let me introduce the Bad Basset Boyz to the people of Earth!

I took these guys in a year apart, as cruelty cases.  They both came from the same owner but in a parish that has no Animal Cruelty Laws, and therefore we could not prosecute like we usually do.  Sad.   DiNozzo was emaciated but McGee, the white one, was pretty bad off.  His experiences made him a bit wacky in the head.  He is obsessive about eating stuff.  Fabric, plastic, metal, wood, you name it, it is NOT safe!

The first year we had him he ate a 6 foot silk scarf I was dyeing for the Habitat For Humanity Art Sale.  It cost me $1200 in vet bills to have him x-rayed, sonogramed and bariumed to get it through his inner twists and turnes.  It worked out in the end......LOL (a bit of a joke there!)

But I look into those eyes, and know he was worth it.....even though I was pretty mad at him.  The Habitat people were not so happy either.

DiNozzo is so laid back, sweet and loving.  He sometimes gets pushed to the back burner because McGee is so needy.  But he is never more than 10 feet away from me at any moment of the day. 

When we first got DiNozzo, he would refuse to go for a walk with Frank if I didn't come.  After 4 years he still drags down the driveway, stopping several times waiting for me to appear.  What a loyal guy!

And being bassets, they have this need to be earth movers and dig.  We can see China sometimes!  They are tracking the moles that tunnel through the yard on their way to grubs.  Every time we have one of the holes, we fill it in and add some sod to make it less appealing. 

And don't think they are couch potatoes!  They are heavily muscled, tough guys, who walk at least a mile a day and have a huge yard to run and chase squirrels or each other.  We keep them moving!  The vet always calls about 8 people into the exam room to see the "Basset Body Builders" !!

Oh, yes.  Chloe the Smelly  Basset.  She came to us in the middle of my Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs via the Boyfriend From Hell.  That was 10 years ago.  She moves when she wants to, sleeps where she wants to and commands the best sun rays in which to bask.

She claims Frank as her own.  Her very own!  And that is OK.


  1. Your boys are so adorable! Didn't know they are big diggers, thankfully Kilo is not.

  2. So glad that you found these 'boys' and they found you.
    They are adorable.

  3. Cute boys. GBGV's are supposed to be real diggers too, but we have rarely dug and it sure makes Mom happy!

  4. And so the saga continues....our best friends. They never fail to entertain.

  5. Glad they finally found a loving home with you.


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