Friday, May 22, 2015

Magnets and a Stash Report

Well, magnet without the "s".

Over on Leeann's blog Not Afraid of Color, she asked about risk taking.  She offered a prize to someone who had a great risk story.  Of course, i had one of those stories too!

And I won a really cool magnet that is, like, perfect in every way!  LOL  That girl really gets me, you know.

And since the flurry of activity of last week, the film guy coming and the wallpaper project in the hall bath, I have had no further use of fabric.  But I  do need to remedy that since I have to have at least one finish in May for my OPAM thing. (That is One Project A Month, by the way.  See what I mean?)

I sure could have used Ray this week......I should have thought harder about putting him to work around here when he and  Swooze came for the visit!

 In my bathroom I have:

taken all the wallpaper off,
sanded the entire wall surface,
spackled the walls,
resanded the entire wall surface, 
 cleaned the cabinets surfaces AGAIN,
swept up tons of powdered spackle dust,
vacuumed up said dust,
wiped down every blasted surface,
cleaned the tub surround,
cleaned the window (which had not been done in a long time obviously),
vacuumed AGAIN, and
cleaned all the tools and buckets encrusted with wallpaper remnants, spackle, dust and who knows what all.

And I went out and ate a huge steak for dinner!


  1. Lol. I just told Ray you had his work list ready!

  2. I am woman ! Hear me roar! You deserve ice cream for desert after all that

  3. Well, with a magnet like that, you need to be the one in charge! And it appears that you are. I can't see myself doing any of that work. Seriously. I think I could have at one time, but now? Nah, don't even want to try! Good luck.


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