Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday is a Very Productive Day!

 We got the walls painted with the primer coat of Kilz.  Since it was bare sheetrock it needed to be primed first before the actual coat goes on.  Now that I had a man with good knees, he got all the high stuff and I got all the trim and baseboards completed. 

I wont be sure which color is going to go on the walls until I get the cabinets done. 

 I took the doors off, not easy to do since it has been on there for 31 years.  My wrist is sore from unscrewing all those tiny but tight screws!

I used Liquid Wood to fill in all the holes where the knobs and toilet paper holder was.  It has all been sanded so I am ready to paint the cabinets tomorrow.

 If you ignore my messy closet, you can see the shelf Frank built in.  It was the door to the laundry chute and lifted UP.  We never used it since it made the laundry sit in a dark place with no circulation of air.  And that is never a good thing!

I had the idea to make the linen cabinet look like a piece of furniture with an open shelf.  I need to go to Habitat For Humanity's ReStore on Tuesday to see if they have a cabinet door that will fit. 

I want to have a glass door on the top area.  I could leave it open, but I would have to be neat.  I could put the old door back up.  Or I could use some embossed wallpaper and make it look like a tin panel inserted in the door. 

In preparation for the trip to ReStore, I put  all the old hardware into baggies with their right amount of screws.  I will donate all the stuff, like that extra door I am no longer using and the curtain rods I won't put back up.

When we were at Lowe's this morning getting the wood for the shelf, I looked at the embossed wallpaper, cabinet hardware and handles and cabinets to see if they would sell just one door. 

Not sure about the door thing, but I am pretty sure I can find SOMETHING at ReStore.  I'll show you what an amazing place it is! 

Right now, i am going out to dinner with friends at the fabulous Thai place we love!


  1. This is going to be sooo nice! A new bathroom. Frank is a good man ( he looks pretty good up there on the ladder) even better than the film guy ;-)

  2. My last trip to Lowe's ended in a total meltdown and the end of my kitchen makeover! lol I don't handle Lowes stress. I've never been to ReStore but I'm thinking it would be a great place to donate our old hardware. Your bathroom is going to be amazing! You'll love it, I'm sure.


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