Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stash Report 5-17-15

Seems like at least once a week my computer decides to gum up some keys.  I think it does it on purpose.  Just to get me.  Last week it was the a.  This weekend is has been the -.  Who knows what it will be next week!

I am down with it.  It can't get at me too bad, I have a great week to report and it can be done without any more -'s  !!

After several nothing weeks, I had a stellar week!

I put together three quilt backs to get them ready for quilting (Stars, Lily and Spools).  they will all get new names before it is all over with.  And I finished up the Lily quilt's green and brown borders an sashing and the Spools' black sashing and borders.

And I claimed the Plaster of Paris FQ set that downed me by 7.5 yards!  Who knew it was that much?  I  bought another set of FQs from Massdrop this week, bicycles.  I will use them to make a quilt for my hairdresser.  She keeps me red and I love her!  She is an avid semi-semi-pro biker.  (I did have to use the - again......)

I am sooooo loving my numbers!

Used this week -20.75 Used this month -20.75 Used this year -75.75
Bought this week 7.5 Bought this month 7.5 Bought this year 41.25
Plus or minus -13.25 Plus or minus -13.25 Plus or minus -34.5


  1. Your are on fire! You have gotten so much done! I have never eaten a tamale. I have lived a sheltered life. LOL!


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