Sunday, May 17, 2015

From "UFO" to "In Line At The Long Arm"

On Saturday, I was working hard at cooking and quilting all the live long day!

I decided that we needed tamales, having eaten the last package many months ago.  I got meats, corn husks and masa.  You might think that here in Louisiana we know nothing of tamales.  Au contraire, mon ami!  There are a lot of Cajun families who celebrate holidays and the High Holy Days with tamales!  You might find a bit of crawfish in there, but they are tamales nonetheless!

Every time I make tamales, I have to go to YouTube and refresh myself with the way to roll them.  This time I started off and I forgot to soak the husks.  Last time I used the papers, and I have to admit it was a lot easier than the husks.

And they stayed together better than the husks.  I lost about 3 in each for the pots I steamed.  But I saved the juice for tortilla soup, one of Carrie's favorite things!

While I finished up the last batch I noticed some bugs on my stove.  The Formosan termites are swarming in the neighborhood right now and there they were in the hood vent.  We spent the next two hours vacuuming them up.  My kitchen is a mess with stuff moved out of its place everywhere.

They are attracted to light and as soon as we turned the light off they stopped coming in.  We have Terminex treat our house every year, so there is not too much concern for an infestation, but it was uncomfortable thinking of it.   Will call on Monday and get them to come and look.

Then he decided that he needed to fix the bottom of the cabinet under the sink, more stuff came out.  I notice I have 4 red bottles of some such thing.  Maybe I need to go through and toss stuff.........


I spent some time in and out of the quilt room over the course of the day.  While I was working I finished up listening to Sue Monk Kidd's The Invention Of Wings.  I have no idea how she came to that title.  It is about two abolitionist sisters pre-Civil War Charleston.  I started in listening to Amanda Berry's new book Hope about the Cleveland kidnapping of her, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight.  Castro was a real monster.  In the beginning chapter she expresses regret that he killed himself rather than remain in captivity like he forced them to for 11 years.

 My friend Joni made herself some note cards with the name of each UFO she had.  And in several weeks she cleared up a whole stack of cards!  I thought it might be a good way to focus on my unbelievable group of UFOs.  There are not enough cards in the city for the ones I have!  But I filled up all the cards I could find.

So the Lily Stack and whack was the first one I pulled.  That top and back is done.

The second card was the Star quilt.  That needed quilting so I made a back for it and it is ready.

 The third, yes, I am on THREE!  The third one was the Lotto Spools. I won those at a River City Guild meeting maybe 4 years ago.  They were in rows and needed to be out together.  And a back made.  DONE!

Next week I have a guy coming to put film on my windows, but after that I am ready to quilt these three babies!  That should keep me out of trouble for a while.


  1. Omg! I am exhausted just reading all this - phew! You deserve a day of rest ...... Eating tamales . I have never had one and not even sure what they are but they must be good to go to all that trouble

  2. I can't believe how much you've gotten done! You've worn me out. I managed to get a little done over the weekend but a stomach virus has me sleeping more than sewing or anything else.

  3. I want those spools of thread... or to make one. What a fab fun quilt to use up fun fabrics. LeeAnna

  4. I like the card idea - better than a written list because you can sort and reorganize more easily. Congrats on the progress!


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