Sunday, December 6, 2015

Did you miss me?

obviously Carol did!  LOL.

I have been on a wonderful cruise for the last three weeks.  We flew into Santiago Chile.  Then took a trip down the coast of Chile to Valpariso and boarded the Norweigan Sun.  This was a repositioning cruise from its Alaska ports to Chile.  There were people who had already been on board for 31 days. And some got on in San Diego.

We visited three Chilean ports.  Then sailed around Cape Horn in the most beautiful weather.  The captain kept saying how unusual this sailing was since the Horn is notorious for horrible weather coming off Antarctica.  Yes,  we sailed right by Antarctica and penguins!

Then we went to Paraguay and Uruguay and Argentina. We walked to Evita Peron's grave in buenos Aires rode bikes along the coast of Montevideo and danced the tango with the gauchos and their swift little ponies in Los Lobos.

We got on a plane Saturday afternoon and flew for 10 hours to Houston arriving at 5 AM this morning.  Most uncomfortable.

And we are awaiting final leg to home.  The heightened security had been very difficult.  We did have Fox News on the ship and a number of people from California who were so worried about their family and friends.

I have incredible photos.  PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE. It is 11:30 am and I am still in Houston.....waiting!



  1. Yes, I missed you and since I knew where you were going, worried about you! Can't wait to talk to you about your adventure.

  2. I did miss you and wonder if all was well ... was planning to ping you with email today. Glad to read that you were just away having fun–can't wait to read (and see photos!) about your trip.

  3. I missed you but knew where you were. Did Frank gear himself a treat from his squirrel money?

  4. So glad you're back! I expect awesome photos ;-)


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