Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Into The Badlands - filmed in Louisiana

My cousin's son has been one of my biggest quilt fans!  And now I am his biggest movie fan!

He has a part as an extra in the AMC show Into the Badlands that premiered on Sunday night .  It was filmed in Louisiana and seems to be a hit.

Matt is the cute one in the background.  Look for him in the first 6 episodes!  He will be the tall one at over 6 feet.  Interesting since Karen is the shortest of the cousins.....hmmmm.

Check him out next Sunday!


  1. I have been seeing the trailers for that show and it looked interesting. Now I will have to watch it for sure!

  2. Hey, we have badlands around here? I'm definitely going to watch it now! And keep an eye out for your cousin. (He is a cute one:-) Thanks for the heads up.


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