Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'd Rather Be Sewing!

For the last few days, my CRV has been hesitating when I turn the key.  And for the last FIVE months, Frank has been putting air in one tire about twice a week.  TWICE a week????  Wha....

You fill it in.

He casually mentioned that when I told him I thought I needed to head to Honda to get my battery checked out.  "Oh yeah, but the way, get them to check your tire......"

Well, the battery is needing to be replaced and the tire had a &$@?!*% nail!

Sorry for the choice words.....but really, he should be taking care of me better than that tire with a nail!   Most of the time he is in Timbuktu, not Baton Rouge when I am stuck on the side of the road.

Luckily, before I left home I put a taco soup into the slow cooker.  But I should punish him by making him take me out for dinner.......

Now if they made CRVs in that spiffy yellow....


  1. Cute car! Now I know that Frank and Stelly are related somewhere. My truck battery did the same thing but until it left him it didn't get replaced. My tire goes flat every so often. Stelly hasn't ha it fixed yet. He will have to change a tire on the side of the road.

  2. I think you need that spiffy yellow car! Tell Frank it had four wheels with no nails and it started so you just decided to buy it! I am lucky I live so close to my work, because if my car is in the shop I can walk to work. I had battery issues last year and the problem was bigger than just the battery. The battery harness needed replace and that was why every 1 1/2 years I needed a new battery. Believe me I was not too happy with the car repair people! Last fall I had a nail in a tire, but I had bought the road hazard protection so it didn't cost me anything to get it fixed.

  3. I saw a fun neon lime green the other day that I just fell in love with . . . not at all like my bronze'ish Honda.


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