Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rollin' Again; Sewin' Again

My CRV is now fully chrarge with a new battery and has no nails in the tires.  I am still miffed at Frank for not paying attention to that tire thing. 

When I got home, I sent the bassets out into the rain.  McGee doesn't get his toes wet so he hugged the house under the eaves on the patio.  A bevy of birds flew out of the bushes and startled him.  So now it became a game to catch one.  Even DiNozzo got interested. 

In and out they went for the next 3 hours, trying to catch themselves a sparrow.  They never did, but it was not for lack of effort!

Chloe is out there right now, with her head stuck in the bushes wildly wagging her tail.  Silly dogs. 

I want to start my River City Challenge Quilt, taking a block and making  secondary pattern appear.

I have the winning quilt!  But of course!  And I can't show you pictures just yet.

So I
will leave you with these ones.


  1. When I was married I told my husband there was something wrong with the brakes on my car. He blew it off and I ended up crashing into a fellow employee's car who got pushed into another car on my way home from work. Nobody got hurt thank goodness, but the master cylinder had failed again. Yes this was not the first time the master cylinder had failed. I take any issues with my car seriously and get it looked at and repaired immediately.

  2. cars a necessary evil. The pics are great, is that magee? What did he think of the birdie?
    I saw a gorgeous hawk land in the tree right outside my studio window yesterday. I got a chanced to just watch him a bit. I probably looked like that picture!LEeAnna


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