Wednesday, February 17, 2016

At The Zoo Quilt

My prize (and money) winning At The Zoo  quilt was shown to a less than excited reception last night at the Remember Me Guild.  LOL.

They are traditionally traditional quilters and I knew it wouldn't be a HUGE hit, but it IS stinkin' cute!  I thought at least it would generate some ohs and ahs!

This is my week for meetings.  I have meetings in the second week of each month; I have meetings in the third week of each month.  And every once in a while they converge all in one week.  I am never sure how that happens, I guess it is Week 2 and a Half.

I need to start working on a few of these quilt tops and backs I have lined up for the long arm.  The pile keeps growing!  Which is a good thing, since that means there are quilts that are getting finished to the top stage at  least.

After I get to  point where I can feel comfortable starting some new quilts, i want to dive into the scrap boxes and see if I can do some strip blocks.  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is designed to whittle down scraps in color groupings, but I chose blocks that have very little footprint fabric wise.  they happen to have a large footprint timewise however!

These are about 5 inches across (not on the side like normally measured).

I have also decided not to be so lazy and watch TV.  I need to be more productive doing a binding  while watching TV!

If you look at the sidebar, I have only finished 2 things so far this year and have a huge list of things to get finished.

So ........ I need to get working!


  1. It really is stinking cute! Too bad those traditional quilters can't appreciate your fresh quilt design ... although I suspect some of them DID quietly appreciate it, but didn't want to public show that appreciation for fear of being judged by the traditional quilt police in the audience ;-)

  2. On behalf of quilters everywhere - ohhhh! Ahhhh! The zoo is innovative , balanced and just to stinkin cute

  3. I LOVE your zoo quilt!! Ooooooh Aaaaahhhhh!!

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  5. I want to OWN your zoo quilt! LOL

  6. I know exactly how you feel! I would take my creations to quilt group and they would look at me like "what the heck is that?" and then they would get all gushy over some quilt that showed a complete lack of imagination or creative thought. I just gave up on them.


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