Thursday, February 18, 2016

QR Codes is Quilted

......and the Neighborhood quilt is getting bound.  After my Fiber Group, I came home and watched some nature photograph show about catching anteaters in Brazil.  It took about two hours to get The Neighborhood just over half done.  You have seen this guy before.


Aught!  I have no idea where the rest of the post went to..... I was titillating and  brilliant and amazing.

OK, let's try this again.

The Neighborhood binding is about 1/2 way complete.   I forgot how cute this quilt is.  I wanted to take a traditional pattern and modern it up a bit.

The houses are all solids and the black windows are just stitched on with the edges that will fray.  It was a fun quilt.  I had a picture in a book about quilting so I had to "design" the houses myself.  The various houses were created by drawing (mentally) a grid over the block.  I then decided where the half square triangles would go and what could be rectangles or squares. 

It was fun putting it together!

QR Codes was quilted yesterday using a small, close, fanciful meander.  I used a shiny peachy poly blend to quilt it.  The advantage of that thread is that it gives if a sheen but is not overpowering to the pattern of the quilt. 

I can't remember what else I put in the post.  It was good though, I remember that.....


  1. Just let me know when you need me and the 2.5" strip cutter.

  2. So good you have another quilt almost done!


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