Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nag? Who Me?

I have been getting quotes to redo my driveway.  The beautiful but huge Oak tree lives about 5 feet from my driveway.  It has damaged the cement so that I can hardly drive my  CRV over it now.

One of the contractors, a prominent Baton Rougian because his son pitched LSU Baseball for several years, does a lot of renovations.  Carrie asked for his information for some of her work projects and I sent it to her.

She immediately sends me back a text asking if I was going to nag him.


I don't nag people.

Well, maybe Frank.  I might nag Frank a bit.

Well, maybe a lot according to him.  But, really, you should know by now after 43 years that you should take out the garbage on Wednesdays and Sundays.......

So maybe I did nag her when she was a teenager.  But you should know you should put your clothes AWAY and not back in the dirty clothes because you don't want to hang them!

So assuming, I won't nag the contractor, which I hope I don't really, what could she mean?

Is nag a euphemism for sex?  Well then ABSOLUTELY NOT!

But I might nag him a bit..............



  1. nag him... Carrie is too close. When you pay someone, you get nagging rights. As for the sex, I just don't know... better stick with Frank.

  2. ROFL! How did you know I really needed a good laugh today ? Like sun rays thru the clouds on my week from hell

  3. My son's a contractor and gets nagged more than most men...and not by his sweet little wife. I've never thought that perhaps people feel they're paying for the right. I'll test that theory on him, though, just for fun. Glen, your post really is funny. I love the "you should know" lines. Why does it take nagging before the things get done?

    My rule of thumb is tell the contractor something twice: once to tell him, once to make sure he got it. After that, it's nagging. But if he doesn't do the job right, you get to tell him that it's wrong and expect it to be done correctly. If I've now shifted to nagging, "Oh well, too bad, I nag!"


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