Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Found my word for this year!


 I have been quilting forever. Frank has been in the oil and gas industry for 40 years this year and I started quilting after we got married when he was in the Air Force. I made my very very first quilt for my mother and I have no idea what happened to it.

So I have a lot of stuff. And I mean a lot of stuff.

I spent the day yesterday pulling more stuff out of the corner of my room. You would think my room is  Donald Trump HUGE or at least the corners should take up most of the room. But unfortunately it was just a small corner piled high. I think I am down to no more quilts in the corner. (Cross your fingers)

But if you look at the sidebar  I have added a tremendous amount of work.

I do have a quilt that I would like to make for Frank for his birthday in April. But now I feel guilty about starting a new quilt!

All that pressure to get that stuff done is the one good reason not to clean out the corner of my room.

Carol noted I feel compelled to finish the unfinished.  I do!  I was told not to waste things so i am trying to finish these and maybe gift them to people I think deserve one.  

Use a whiney voice here:  I just can't throw them ooouuuut!

I  completed 22 or 23 quilts last year so I'm going to have to start and work pretty hard to get that much done so I can clear out some of those backlog.  I think this will also reduce a lot of my stash when I try to find backs for all of these things in the waiting line. And bindings for them as well.

So I guess as I go along this year my goal will be to to reduce two big things. First the backlog of quilts number and the number on my scale.

I think I have truly found my word for this year ----- REDUCTION!


  1. I recognize one that I started too but quit very early. It was not for me. I am looking at your 'working on' list and see that I need to visit to cut binding. I am heading your way Saturday so will drop off hand crank Go and 2.5" strip die for you to use.

  2. Or "Less is More," but that would be three words, LOL. Good luck on your goals!

  3. Oh my! You should get a prize for the longest list of stuff to finish! Don't be discouraged. Just get one done, and then another, and so on. Pretty soon the list will be reduced. With all the sewing for my brother I haven't made much of a dent in UFO list in February, but then I did make eight new quilts this month! LOL!!

  4. I fear that if I made a list ... it would be longer. I had plans to work on a sampler quilt in progress and ... after going through two big bins of blocks and other UFO's, I couldn't find it ... which probably means there's another bin or box of more UFOs somewhere ...


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