Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All I Will Say, the Monster Dog Is Still Alive.......

By the skin of his teeth.......his father came home and fed him and talked to him and protected him from the horrible thunderstorms that passed through.  I was doing none of that for him.

MY good dog slept in the corner of my quilt room while I sorted out what needed to be done to  save the Rosette.  I actually cried about mid afternoon.

I need to at least figure out how to get the outside ring of paper templates back into the last round.   He ripped out a group of stitching but I  am going to try to see about hand sewing without the template papers. It seems insurmountable, but I will at least try.

Last resort, I order another rosette #1 and start over.

After my cry, I put it away and pulled out two quilts on which I needed to finish sewing the binding. They are both now in the finish column.

Cascading stars is pretty traditional.  My  excuse for that is it was started in like 2007.  I remember picking out the fabrics and being fascinated with the fact that you had to keep up with the  diagonals.

The Neighborhood came from an old book but is way more modern.  Lots of solids, and some traditionals in the mix.  the  houses are all solid.  the windows are just cut out and stitched around after all the quilting was done.  The edges I left to fray look like eyelashes!

I worked on this at a retreat and one lady kept saying I was making swatstikas.  I really wasn't and worked really hard to make the changes necessary to the garden blocks so she wouldn't freak out.

You know me, Swastika Girl........


  1. Our puppies all howled and cried and whimpered. One even hid so deep in my chair I was worried he'd get stuck. Oh, the storm was nothing here. Barely rained. Chicken dogs, that's what they are.

    My only suggestion for the Rosette is to try anything that seems as though maybe it will work. Who knows, maybe you'll discover some new technique. Wouldn't that be worth it all?

  2. Congratulations on two finishes! Feels good doesn't it? Now on to the next one! You go girl!


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