Thursday, February 25, 2016

More Quilts From the Corner

On Tuesday I was hitting the deep and dark recesses of the corner.  I found three more.  Count em, three.  I thought I was finished finding more quilts back there.

One was a Mystery Quilt from the Quilt Corner, wow, many many years ago.  Like 2004 or 2005 even.  It is a top but it needs one more outside border.  So I pulled a fabric that probably came from the shop that long ago!

The second one is one of the very first improv quilts I ever made!  I think it was the very first, come to think of it.  It will be a great kids quilt.  The appliqué technique is not that great, but the idea is still cute.  It needs a backing and a quilt bit of meander quilting to get it finished up.

I guess there is little chance Carrie will like it!  Maybe I will send it to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Raffle this year.  In that case I would need to put a larger border on it and make it a lap size.  Maybe some improv zig zags from The Quilt Lady!!

And the third one was a group of churn dash blocks that The Sassi Stripper Guild made for me. We did blocks for everyone's birthday that year.

I was a charter member of that guild when the Quilt Corner put the group together.

And I was president for 3 years after that.


  1. I really like the star quilt top.

  2. I like that design in the top right corner pic. Scrappy but very graphic. LeeAnna

  3. Is that corner finally empty? It sounds like it was the biggest, deepest corner on earth!

  4. You must buy batting by the truckload . I like that mystery quilt but then I favor the scrappy

  5. Love the scrappy quilt at the top. It's got a couple of designs happening.
    How deep does that corner go?


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