Friday, February 26, 2016

Quilting Santa Today

I went over to the Quilt Haus and cut the borders for the reflections quilt, the backing for Machine and a backing for Reflections.  I also trimmed QR Codes so I need to just put the binding on that one.

Then I came home and contemplated the quilting on the Leaf Quilt.  I need to contemplate a bit more since I want to do some custom quilting on that one.

So I pulled Santa.  Mostly because I had a piece of batting I uncovered in the infamous Corner.  I guess I had sized the batting for a particular quilt sandwich, which has long since been separated from its innards.  And since it was pretty close to the Santa top lap  size, it got commandeered.

I did this quilt for a challenge with the CyberGuild I belonged to a number of years ago.  It was 2007, and I have them listed under the Christmas Challenge, but I can't remember what the parameters were outside of Christmas.

I can think of several ways to custom quilt the areas of Santa, but you know, I think I will just do a simple straight line and circle idea I saw on one of the blogs recently. 

It will look like snow is falling and icicles are forming. And the world will be right.....


  1. Did you piece all those tiny flying geese next to Nick? Wow!

  2. You didn't show me that one. Otherwise it would be missing!


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