Saturday, February 27, 2016

Santa is Quilted

Now he needs binding!

These are the things I remember about Santa.  The Challenge was to use the 4 or 5 fat quarters someone sent you.   Mine did not go together at all!  So I decided to use them as disparate units.  (I learned that word in my Social Work classes.) 

The letters, the stars and Santa himself came from EQ blocks I enlarged.  (I learned that word from my scale.)

I was afraid the quilting would ruin the face and beard, but I really like the way it looks on those solid areas. 

Oh, and I originally was going to quilt it in long lines of snow and icicles, but I loaded it on the frame the wrong direction.  I debated taking it off and re-affixing it lengthwise.  And decided against it.  I figured after 9 years Santa just wanted to get done!


  1. Santa is happy with his paisley beard and is glad to finally be out of that corner! He will reward you next December

  2. Still saying that you didn't show me Santa or he would be missing from your binding pile!


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