Friday, March 25, 2016

You Mean You Are Not Leaving?

I got up this morning with plans.  Big plans.  But........

At 8:30 I asked him where he was going and what time he was leaving.  He informed me that today was a holiday!  Whereupon I created a list of things for him to do!  LOL

So we went to run errands.   I needed a new cutting mat from JoAnn's and he needed some blue jean shorts for the cruise.  We were heading to Red Robin for lunch but go sidetracked when I saw one of favorite restaurants had opened up a new place!  Bistro Byronz's had the most fantastic cheese covered chips you can imagine!

At home I needed my metal benches touched up and the 75 caladium bulbs planted.  Here you see my snake free caladium bed.  I had sandals on so Frank had to certify the snake free part before I put my hands in there!

And since some of you are still having snow, I wanted to flaunt my back yard awakening from our very mild winter.

 Chloe and McGee spent the afternoon looking for lizards and skinks.  If you look closely at Chloe's face you can see my metal star.

In the background you can see what is left of my driveway, big chunks of cement Frank wanted to keep.  Hmm.

At the end of the patio is a mess of Wandering Jew.  It is almost iridescent in color.  Usually the winter is too cold for it to stay but it always comes back in the spring.  This year it never died down!
The lorapetalum is blooming!  It smells very sweet.  The new leaves are purple.  We always look for colors that will catch the eye in places. 

The fish looks like he has a top hat on!  That is actually what we use to cover the outside faucets during freezes.  McGee takes them off and shreds them if it is left on the faucet.  So it serves as a hat for the fish!

This is the back part of the yard.  It is actually the kitty graveyard.  There are three little statues there, one for each kitty.  The two you can see here are Whitney Dallas (can't name a kitty Whitney Houston when she comes from Dallas, can you?) and Chips the Mean Cat.

And we have wild strawberries all over the yard.

I need to do some cleaning up in the Japanese Rock Pool.    If you look at the rocks, the one standing up is the loon and the round fat one is the turtle.  In a Japanese Rock Pool you always need a turtle and a loon.

The lizard and the ladybug.  Sounds like  story in there.  I was "encouraging" Frank to take the photo, the stupid bug was biting me.  That ladybug was no lady!

And here are McGee and DiNozzo grazing.  DiNozzo ended up at the vet yesterday.  He was tossing all his cookies all day long.

He is better today but I noticed he was not as active as McGee or Chloe today, preferring to lay near me and watch.

It was a  beautiful day.....we got a lot done........and Frank didn't piss me off too badly!


  1. Take care of my boy, DiNozzo. Yard is looking good.

  2. Whitney Dallas . . . cracking up at that one. Glad you had such a pretty day to get things done.

  3. the vet always asks what Cole ate... like I know... he was in the back yard alone I say, ask him.
    Love seeing the garden. I just buy caladiums each year, didn't think about breaking hard ground to plant bulbs. The dang squirrels would just eat the bulbs like they do my tulips.

  4. I am so jealous! You have green when all I have is dead brown stuff. And you gave a wandering Jew outside? Unheard of here.

    Beautiful yard you have . I'm embarrassed to say I have given up on mine. I don't have a Frank to do all the dirty work . That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :-)

  5. I can't wait to see the bulbs you are planting come up. The color will be tremendous! It was beautiful here on Saturday and Sunday. I should have taken a picture of my daffodils - they are pretty right now. We both have lots of work to do in our yards!


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