Saturday, March 26, 2016

Stash Report, the Easter Opposum and Saturday Brunch With Family

Whew!  Two boys with sugar highs, bouncing off the wall.  Luckily Allison and Carrie had activities planned for the boys that included a lot of running to find hidden eggs, baskets and branches from a couple of trees.

 Eric's mom made these bunny butt cupcakes.  The were so cute!

Saturday Brunch included mimosas so I was happy..........

We have nothing planned for Sunday, so hopefully i will get to work on sewing something........this week has been so woefully empty of sewing!

 This oppossm was cleaning up the bird feed on the ground under the feeder.  My guess is that he generally comes earlier near dawn but the bad lightening and downpour kept him in this morning. 

They are not really attractive creatures.  That hairless tail belies the fairly attactive fur.  This guy was wet, but that fur looked nicely groomed for visiting.

Stash Report Sunday!

I did the Modern Robin Round which took exactly one fat quarter!   Well, I think there were two pieces 1 1/2 by 3 left over, so I am counting it!

I gifted the Thimbleberries House to the neighbor who let us use their driveway while we were replacing ours.  She sent me this photo.  I  think she likes it.

Used this week -0.25 Used this month -21.25 Used this year -84.00
Bought this week 0.00 Bought this month 0.00 Bought this year 20.00
Plus or minus -0.25 Plus or minus -21.25 Plus or minus -64.00


  1. Sounds like a busy, but fun Easter.

  2. A week without sewing is a lost week.

  3. Thank God , from your title I thought you were getting all swamp people on me and actually eating that ugly opposum for Easter brunch. Those cupcakes are the cutest!

  4. Really, the poor opposum must have been very hungry. I agree that they are not the prettiest of creatures, but their babies are cute cute. You'd want to keep one. But then they grow and scatter the scraps in the compost pile. Two strikes! Wait they stink. Three!

    Just two on sugar highs? We had seven! It's rough when the kids outnumber the adults. . .one parent is offshore and another parent worked Saturday night, so she napped. (She must have been exhausted to nap through the noise.) We survived, but it got a little dicey at one point. Y'all look like you're having lots of fun. I like the bar setup and those bunny cupcakes are too cute!

  5. Looks like a fun gathering! My stash report - I am down only 9 yards for the year since I just bought that 8.25 yards of backing fabric. I should have the Nocturne quilt done soon and that will delete 9 yards from my stash. I need to quite knitting and sew more!


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