Friday, June 17, 2016

Sewing for the Dogs

Certainly you have seen that Pinterest photo:

this would be our new puppy...every time I turn around he has destroyed something!:

Well, this seems to happen a lot to beds that McGee sits on.

When I run the Roomba, I move the dog beds to the sofa.  It was perfectly fine.

When I looked at him yesterday afternoon, the foam center was showing.

Huh?  And he happened to be on it at the time.

So I decided to replace the cover since it is a bed that Chloe likes a lot.  And the darn thing was not cheap.  Why are dog beds so expensive?

When I got to taking it apart, I decided to just replace the bottom portion.  In McGee's defense, it did seem to rip easily.  But, hey.  McGee was on it.  You know.

He is the one who cannot have a crate pad in his crate because they are prone to exploding as well.

You can see why this fabric was 50 cents a yard.  LOL   Great for dog beds since it is just mis-pinted on that one line.

It is now in the washer getting washed before it goes back on the foam pad.

And here is DiNozzo modeling the Hoodie I made for GrandDog Hugeaux.  He wears one when he dines here at my house.  But at home, Carrie has to clean his ear hair after he eats.

It is technically called a Snood.  And McGee and DiNozzo each have their own Hoodie when they eat.  But try to put one on Chloe, you might get yourself bitten!  She does not cater to that!

I think it makes a nice preppy statement for an up and coming Spaniel.

I am going to link to NinaMarie's Off The Wall Friday.  So go check out what other great artist are doing this week!


  1. Lilly and Leeapaul's beds don't explode they just turn black for no know reason. I think the next beds will be made of a dark fabric instead of the green check.

  2. The ultimate in doggie fashion going on at your house! Is there a pattern for those somewhere? My friend just started puppy sitting a baby basset. Maybe she would like to make one . I used to make dog bed covers out of fleece thinking how comfy - what was I thinking using a hair magnet for a cover? Now I use cotton but the dogs just stick their noses in the air and say what? No fleece? You don't love me anymore? And then they sleep on the floor just to show me who's boss.

  3. The Snood is an interesting way to deal with those big floppy ears! DiNozzo seems comfortable with it on. Maybe he thinks he is going to get fed! One of the fellows at work has a retriever that just tears up dog beds. I did some on-line research and found that there are companies that make indestructible dog beds, but they are really expensive. They use Kevlar. It was fun to watch the videos that people sent in showing their dogs trying to destroy their new indestructible dog bed.


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