Sunday, July 17, 2016

3 Police Dead, 4 Police Injured

We don't need this.  What good can come of the killing of the police in any city?

We live about 2 miles from the intersection you see on the CNN and Fox News stations right now.  TWO miles.  And about 1/2 mile down Old Hammond Hwy is the church two of my guilds meet.

I think everyone needs to take a good hard look at the next police officer you see, buy him dinner, it may be his last meal.


  1. oh my... I had not turned on the TV until I read your post. So sorry to this this horrible event.

  2. I completely agree with you. So sad.

  3. I hear you....when the Ferguson riots were happening, it was frightening even though it was 30 miles from our home it wasn't all that far from my workplace.

  4. Just woke up to that news over here in New Zealand. That is too close for comfort -stay safe. There are so many terrible things happening around the world.

  5. Someone here in town saw a group of officers having lunch at a local restaurant and paid for all of their meals. There is so much good in this world, I hate that there is also so much anger and fear.

  6. I don't understand this....and I can only see other 'copy cats' doing the same thing. My heart just breaks for those officers killed and their families.....Be alert....

  7. It makes you wonder if the world has gone crazy? I agree with you that no good has or will come from this.

    1. Just found you this am, thank you. My daughter lives in the apartments about 2 blocks from shooting. Just feel better knowing good people still out number bad.


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