Monday, July 18, 2016

Fish Reconstruction Finally Complete

NOTE:   Don't buy from Harb's Oasis, he doesn't stand behind his products.  I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

So, my non-working pump has been an ordeal.  And add to that -  Dino is gone.  I am assuming he died somewhere in there, but we never found him anywhere.  Moby and Ahab did not comment on the loss of their pond mate.  But Ahab, he has a history, you know.

In an effort to get to some sort of "normal", Baton Rouge feels strained and different.  There is a lot more anxiety in the people I speak to; sort of a senses heightened.

One quilt group meeting was cancelled yesterday because many of the members would have to come past the area that was closed due to the killing of three of our police officers.  I have the Modern Group tonight but the meeting is downtown, and I am not sure I want to be down there yet.

On Saturday, Frank and I gathered supplies for Fish Reconstruction.  I needed buckets to put the offloaded water into, a net with which to catch fish, a new pump and the substance that would plug the hole so the electric cord could go in and water would not go out.

First off, before we took out the water, we cut the non-working pump from its cord and took it back to HARB'S OASIS to get a replacement.  We bought it on April 16, exactly 3 months to the day!


In spite of the fact that they sold it, I had the receipt, it no longer worked.

Against my wishes, Frank bought another pump from them!  AUGHHH!

We went home, re-wired the new pump to the box, filled the hole with some waterproof silicon caulk designed for under water use.  After several hours, half the water drained out.  Thank goodness I waited to put the fishies back in!

Scraped that out, and replaced it with double the amount.  This time we let it sit until Sunday evening, curing in the sun.   I spent Sunday adding more water and creating more pressure on the seal, testing it.  Finally, after dinner I moved the fish from their ice chest to the tank.

So far it has been fine.  I am slowly declorinating water to add back to the tank, you really can't add too much new water too fast.   But the two fishes seem happy.

And they do not miss Dino. 

He must have been some kind of character. 


  1. I wonder if a bird got him. Some catch fish right out of lakes, why not your little pond? I doubt a cat would be able to catch him. Poor Dino

  2. Glad you got the fish pond back in working order.

  3. Maybe you should try and contact the manufacturer of the pump. They may step up and do something to resolve the situation. I would also tell them that the retail outlet, Harb's, would not stand behind the product. That will not make the manufacturer happy at all!


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