Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today's Most Recent Problems - Geez!

Today we received the first insurance distribution amount.  Small, in compared to what we have already spent, but at least it is something.  However........

Even though we have documents, and even documents showing where we filed said documents with the Clerk of Court, that we paid the house off over 20 years ago, they STILL wrote the check to me, Frank AND the mortgage company.


The bank we use is the same one that carried the mortgage all those years ago, and they wouldn't deposit the check to our account until they "researched" the information.  Of course they didn't have time to research it today.  I guess they thought we might have faked the documents to get $10,000 we weren't entitled to.  Anyway, no money went into the account.  Luckily, we have resources so we can still pay for the stuff we are buying like sheetrock, labor and printers. 

We bought a printer yesterday.  Mostly because it really is a necessary electronics component to any household.  But more so because I needed to scan the estimate from the contractor to send to the adjuster.

And I need to turn in my old car's plates.  Both vehicles were totaled by the insurance company so I have to turn the plates back to the state before I face fines of $525 per day.  The state keeps saying, You MUST print out a receipt or we will have no record of your transaction!  Hence, printer necessary.

Over 70,000 vehicles were flooded and at last estimate I heard the Office of Motor Vehicles was handling over 600 of these de-registrations per day.  I don't want to stand in those lines!

They announced an online option for this flood event, but took 2 days before it became active.  Now I can "turn in" the plates online and just destroy the actual license plate.

I wonder how I will accomplish that?  It is pretty strong!  Super Woman, they think I am. 

Of course, the printer fought me every step of the way.  Frank's computer went under water when the piece of furniture tipped over, plunging it into floodwaters.  the new one his company sent him does not recognize our network.

Of course, there is all sorts of administrator controls on it.  They want to make sure he is not looking at naughty sites, I guess.  More power to him, I certainly don't look like that these days of no mirrors and an only recently acquired hair dryer and brush!  Actually I think he might be too tired to even want to look at naughty sites these days!

Andrew had to come over and get it to scan and print from my computer at least.  Of all the things we lost, the one I really WANTED to lose is this stupid computer I have.  And it is one of the few things that survived!  Go figure.

I can honestly say, nothing (NOTHING) has been easy.  I am so grateful for friends who help us maintain the sanity that is barely there.  Even so, it has been hard on those who have not flooded and are watching their friends and family deal with things.  There is a lot of survivors guilt.  Even though my friends have gone above and beyond to help feed us, shower us, house us (and the dogs), demo the house, keep hot water in the camper -- they still feel the emotional and physical strain we all are dealing with. 

Days are long, nights are filled with visions of things we want to forget and our hearts are broken.   But the grass still grows, the rain still falls and the mosquitoes still bite!

We keep going on and on, we kinda have no choice.


  1. It feels like one step forward, two steps back, but it's all still progress. I suspect many of the people on the other side of the bureaucracy--at the state, at the bank, at the insurance company are also personally affected and are feeling pretty overwhelmed both at work and at home. Everyone is just putting one foot in front of the other and working their way through it all. Walls (!), a printer and your boat port kitchen are all positive signs of progress. There may be setbacks, but you are surviving and moving forward!

  2. WTF! Natural disaster over now you have to deal with bureaucratic bull - not fair. You've turned the corner at least and things will come together . Makes you wonder what people are doing that live paycheck to paycheck. In that respect you are lucky.

    As far as the license plate destroying - just give it to McGee - lol!

  3. Once again the old adage about never being promised a rose garden . . . but honestly, I do wish things didn't have to be SO incredibly complicated and frustrating!


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