Friday, November 4, 2016

6 Feet

There has been a "thing" with the guest bath since we bought the house.  I have always had a difficult time trying to figure out how to keep the water from hitting the flat part on the end of the tub and flowing out on to the floor.

My solution for the past 30 years was to have a specially made shower curtain rod that curved around the tub area and 3 shower curtains.  it worked, but not without its problems.  the shower curtain rod needed to be supported with a strip of fabric hanging from the ceiling.  like I said, it worked.

So when we no longer had walls.......

I have asked 4 different people how they would handle the problem.

they each had a unique solution, many of which would work.  we ended up deciding on a set of glass doors that would encompass the entire area and build up the back area to drain back into the tub.  I was OK, but not thrilled.

When the plumber's boss came to sign off on the job yesterday, he walked into the the guest bath and exclaimed, Wow, what is all that wood back there for?

He said, all you need is a 6 foot tub.  I have one in the warehouse right now.  Want it?

Wow, that would solve the problem totally.

I called Jay and Frank, ran it by both of them and called Shane back to say I wanted the tub!

He is coming this morning to install it!

I will show the finish later!  You know, I really am happy about this solution.  Since this will be the only tub in the house, and it will be a 6 footer, everyone can benefit. 

And like Jay said, it would fit FOUR grandchildren!


  1. Wow a tub that would hold all of me!

  2. And another problem solved, just like that. Yay for Shane!


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