Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dinosaur Fight Ring

Last night I slept with a dinosaur.  I could hear the breathing change as I was falling into sleep.  I had been laying there listening to the dogs move and settle, breathing deeply and sighing deeply when they got to their "right" place.

As the dinosaur breathing sharply escalated I snapped awake, not really knowing how big this one was or what kind it was.  It could have been a brontosaurus, tromping through the marshes and peacefully eating the grasses.  That would have been OK.

But no.....I have to sleep with the bad boy dinosaurs T-Rex!  I knew because the legs are powerful and fast as they kick out.  But most of all because of the short arms. And even in the dark cold light clearly see he had short arms with long claws.

The T-Rex was growling too.  They sound like a cross between a pirate AARGH and a bear's guttural growl Rrrroar.  I don't think scientists have heard this call before, maybe they should sleep over one night and bring their microphones.

This Rex was being attacked by another Dino.  And they were fighting to the death.  T-Rex was clawing at the aggressor with a few powerful swipes.  I got out of bed even though my bed was about a foot away from the Dino Fight Ring.  I didn't want to take a chance I would get mistaken for another adversary.

From Wikipedia
All of a sudden, T-Rex started using his short front legs to pound my bed!  He would Arggh Rrroar and find another something and pound it in.  Like he was building something, a wall maybe.  Man, the scientists need to come see this shit.  They would be so surprised to know T-Rex BUILD stuff!

Something woke him maybe the heater coming on.  He woke up and covered his head with his covers.  I asked if he was alright, sometimes he hurts himself.  He said that other dinosaur was attacking the house and he was pounding in stakes so he couldn't get in.  See, I knew he was beating something in.

Just like I knew he was a T-Rex.  He had those little short arms because he held his arms like that in his sleep acting.

Now he is just snoring like a lumberjack.  Now I'll never fall asleep.

Interestingly, DiNozzo is keeping time with him, taking deep doggy breaths and softly yipping or growling a bit before blowing out the breath.

Man, I need a sofa in the den..... and soon!


  1. My husband assumes he has restless legs and when they are at their worst he runs about half the night. He doesn't punch, but he tosses and turns and the legs move as if he is running in slow motion. He tells me to wake him up but in that phase he doesn't wake easily or in a peaceful mood so I kind of ignore the request and sleep elsewhere. There will be a somewhere to escape to and hopefully soon. Merry Christmas and hopefully a great new year.

  2. I guess, me, sleeping by myself is not such a bad thing?

  3. A dinosaur fights? What a way to attempt any sleep. I hope you were brave and crawled back into your bed after the fight was over, although I admit that I have returned to a dream. It's weird (supposedly people don't wake up from a dream and then have the same one when they go back to sleep) but I am certain that I have. You should ask Frank if he remembers ever doing that. If his answer is yes, you might want to keep some distance between you. A sofa in the den sounds like just the answer!


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