Saturday, March 18, 2017

Painting the Cutting Table and Shelves

Wedding Day!

Today was the Wedding of Chris and Hai, the son of my friend Paula.  They dated way back in high school but her parents wanted her to marry a Viet Namese  boy.  So they sent her back to Viet Nam to marry.  She ultimately did not marry him and returned to the US.

14 years later, Chris sees her on Facebook and reconnects with her.  The wedding was a mix of cultures, held at the Buddhist Temple.  The ceremony started with a Lion Dance and was performed by the monks in front of a statue of The Enlightened One.

It brought back so many memories for me.  My mother brought us to study in the Buddhist Temple when I was in Junior High in New Orleans.  The monk invited me to meditate with them again.  It is so tempting, such a beautiful place.  Serene and gentle.   Maybe just what I need these days.

Frank and I painted the shelves a green grey and that wonderful orangey orange reddish red.

We put the second coat on the greeny grey tonight.  I am encouraged that I will be using it soon...........ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  1. Looks great. Meditation may calm your soul.

  2. Such a beautiful place. The colors of celebration are so joyful. If you enjoyed it with your mom - it may make for a good escape now.

  3. What a sweet love story. How does the saying go? "The heart wants what it wants" I think. Their hearts knew, I suppose. The wedding must have been beautiful with the gorgeous dresses. The temple grounds look so welcome and serene. Very likely just spending time there will calm you.

    Can't wait to see the completed sewing room!

  4. I love that orange-y red - gorgeous colour!

  5. Meditation is awesome -- and I like your color choices.


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