Sunday, March 19, 2017

Another Police Officer Down

I am tired.  And the news is talking about Sgt. Shawn Anderson, one of our 20 year veteran Sheriff's officers gunned down as he investigated a rape call.  It was not 2 miles from where I live.  Sgt Anderson delivered a baby on the side of Tiger Bend Road, which is where the CAAWS building is located, exactly a year ago today.  They interviewed the mom, who was sad that her son would never again meet the man who brought him into the world.

Keep all our officers in  your thoughts as we lay another good man to rest.

I went to the wedding yesterday, and spent all day at the festivities sharing the beautiful day with the family.

And today I was with a totally different family at the shower for Carrie.  She has so many amazing friends.  They made her day so beautiful.

I had cake at both events.

I had those little sandwiches at both events.

I had champagne at both events!

But I only saw turkeys at the wedding!

We were at White Oak Plantation owned by the legendary chef John Folse. Frank has known him since he opened his first restaurant, Lafitte's Landing in 1978 in Donaldsonville, LA.  The building has since burned down. 

John was swinging on a swing hung in a huge old white oak tree in the center of these incredible gardens and out buildings.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about another officer dying in the line of duty.

    Your weekend sounds amazing.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. It is so wonderful to read about the joyful times. Since the flood it seemed as if you and Mister Murphy were close friends leading to not so great times, even though things really did get done very rapidly. It just seems that what you wanted and needed didn't happen as planned - now all is good.

  3. I was so sorry this morning when I heard about the officer shooting. You must be horrified to know that it's so close to home and the CAAWS building. Please be safe.

    On your happy note, you two are a busy couple! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time at both celebrations. I am sure the food was delicious and the scenery beautiful. And, let's not forget visiting with family and friends!


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