Sunday, May 21, 2017

Twin Boy Triangles

When Charlene  was here, her back was killing her  Yesterday and today, mine is killing me.  I can barely move and was searching through my stuff for a pain pill bigger than ibuprofen.  It must be pretty bad when I am searching for pain meds!  Yes it was!  I knew where a bottle was from before the flood.........

I spent Saturday working on the triangles.

It progressed through the day.  As did the learning curve.

One more triangle strip to go!

I will use the boy quilt as the pattern for the girly quilt.  I need to find out the names of these babies!

Chloe is doing very well still.  This is one week from surgery.   We had to make her turn around at 1/4 mile this morning.  Last surgery was closed with staples.  Remember?  She took her own staples out!  So this time he closed her up with old fashioned stitches.  I think she can take those out too.  We have one more week to go!


  1. Sorry about your back....absolutely loving the triangles for The Boy Baby.

  2. Wonderful to hear that Chloe is hanging in there with style. The triangle project looks good - SO sorry about your back. Been there done that and totally understand. Highly recommend Aspercreme (or its generic) or Blue Stop gel.

  3. Back issues are no fun. Hope you feel better soon. I really like the design you came up with for the quilts! Very modern! If they aren't exactly the same it will be ok, but using the same elements will make them similar.


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