Thursday, June 15, 2017

Can You Have A Fabric Orgasm?

Are  you kidding me........(she screams in delight).

Can you believe this absolutely PERFECT fabric?

So the answer to that age old question is yes.

Which leads to the next question..... can you have a quilt orgasm?

And the answer to that is also yes......(you will note it is not Sawyer's quilt, right?)

This is a quilt for Chuck and Jennifer.  And hey, it is not easy as it looks.  It had Paula and I, both experienced quilters, scratching our heads there for a while!

Do you remember the story about Chuck several years back. He is from North Carolina.  He and wife Patsy were our cruising and traveling partners for 15 years.  Patsy died 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer; Chuck was devastated.  He is a long haul driver.  About a year before her diagnosis  and he pulled a route through Baton Rouge to see us.  As he drove into  Baton Rouge he realizes he is having a heart attack and calls me.  OMG........

I tell him to pull over and call 911!

He actually drives through the city to the other side and calls me again.  I tell him to go into the truck stop, tell them he is having a heart attack and ask them politely to call 911.  He goes inside and puts the cashier on the phone with me......geez

Anyway we get him to the hospital, where he has a triple bypass, after which they release him to me. He stays with me for a week and then gets back in his truck and drives home.

It was an adventure for sure.

Well, now he called us a couple weeks ago and said he got remarried that weekend.  We were so happy for him.  Jennifer sounds wonderful.  She talks with us when he calls.  She knows she has large shoes to fill with Patsy.  Chuck and Patsy were one of those couples who were truly in love and were wonderful friends with each other.  I so loved spending time with them.

We will head out to see them soon, and this quilt will be the one I make for them as a couple.  I can't wait to meet this lady in person.  And I am excited to know Chuck has a reason to live again.  


  1. Yes. I agree. You can have a fabricgasm.

    Great story about Chuck.

  2. Is that fabric for the back of the 100 meter quilt? It is perfect! I am impress on how much you have gotten done on the quilt for Chuck and Jennifer. Good job! I can't believe Chuck only recuperated for a week before he drove off in his truck. My husband at the time - he is now an X - had a five by-pass done (quint or quad - I don't know) when he was 37 and was a real pain recovering from it. Two months later he was still whining.

  3. So happy that you share your love with quilts. You have had a really eventful life.

  4. You are so need to do podcasts! HA

  5. Men. They are either horrible whimps or don't have a lick of sense and do things like this Chuck fella. I don't know which is worse, which means my guy likes to sleep it off. Doesn't matter. Sleep it off. It always gets better with sleep. (I've asked about comas; he just ignores me.)
    Yeah, that's the fabric. No question.

  6. OMG, omg, omg, that fabric is absolutely perfect !!! Love your story about wonderful he's found a new partner in life (and she can help him dial 911 ;-) ).


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