Friday, June 16, 2017

Mountain quilt

Geez, it needs a name, doesn't it.

I can't keep calling it Chuck and Jennifer's Mountain Quilt.  I thought about Titian Mountains.

Titian is pronounced "TIH shun".  It means a brownish shade of red as in auburn hair.

However, I am not sure that is too highfalutin for my truck driver friend!  It is certainly not what I think of when I think of Chuck!  Let me think on this name thing for a bit longer. It needs something simple and meaningful.

The 100 Meter Swim needs to take a back seat for a while.  I have to finish the quilt still on the frame from the flood, then quilt the Mountain one.  And finish it.  But I do have are you doing. Patty?  Hope you are making progress, too.

Frank is going to his MUFON meeting tomorrow so I have all day to work on my stuff.  I have to get something to cook for Fathers Day.  Carrie and Andrew are coming over.  I need to get one more thing for Andrew.  It will be his first FD!

More tomorrow.


  1. Male UFO Nurses...
    Men Under Fire On Nola
    More Union Fees Or Nukes

  2. Love your version of the scrappy mountains. Hope it is well received. I have no idea what to name it but it reminds me of the mountains we saw in our recent visit to Utah. Look at the pictures of the less known areas of Zion National Park and you may come up with an inspirational name.

  3. No idea what you're going to call it, but wow, you are blasting right through this quilt top!
    Yeah, Swooze, I'd like to know, too. You'd think she'd have just told us.

  4. The mountain quilt looks wonderful! You are really getting this top done quickly!

  5. its got a real southwestern feel. Route 66? Rocky Mountain high?

  6. Or if chuck is a country bluegrass fan there is always foggy mountain breakdown


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