Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Readjusting the Avante

I spent Saturday doing a good cleaning on the Avante and its frame and getting it ready to start working on the Leaves quilt.  Leaves was on the frame when the flood occurred.  The machine and poles moved to Paula's house to wait out the construction.  But the frame  itself stayed in my house, battling with the sheetrockers and the painters and the carpenters who all wanted to put their stuff on it.  Amazingly it is still pretty straight and true.

At some point I took the bobbin out to clean the bobbin race and realized my machine oil must have floated away.  So off to Central, La to the Quilt Corner. It was hard but I only bought the machine oil, no fabric came home with me.

I did get everything working, oiled and got several more blocks dome toward the finish.

Frank came home from his MUFON meeting about 3 pm, all excited about bringing Ricky to speak locally.  MUFON is the Mutual UnIdentified Flying Object Network.  It has been one of his passions for the last 20 years or so.

I am not so excited about it, so we don't talk much about his objects.  He enjoyed meeting a few new people.  The seminar about the historical aspects of Area 52. Yep, 52.

Don't ask me about it, I don't want to know.

Sunday the family came over for the Fathers Day meal of huge meatballs and spaghetti and sugar cookies.  Nope, didn't eat any of those delicious babies.  Wanted them though.

I gave Andrew some LSU socks and paired them with some baby LSU socks I found in those weird little store across town.

I gave Frank a travel book about National Parks since he lost so many of his.  And a membership for a local country club.  If he won't retire, I can still reap the benefits myself!


  1. So I assume the Avante is working good now that it is all oiled up? You have lots of catching up to do so I hope it purrs like a kitten for you. That is interesting about Frank's UFO fascination. To me it is kind of scary to think about aliens - too many movies with them taking over the earth!

  2. See...sharing that 'room' might not be so bad for us...hubbies can discuss 'area 52' and all those other 'unexplained' sighting...sigh.....

  3. Hey, the club membership was a brilliant move. Maybe it will even encourage him to retire.
    Good luck with the Avante--a cleaning and some oil are bound to help. Hopefully, it will work like a charm for a long time.


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