Tuesday, June 20, 2017

There's Got to Be a Quilt in That

Can you believe we are staring down the barrel of a tropical storm?  And rain?

I am as uneasy as a cat on a hot tin roof.

And so are a lot of people.  The parishes always set up sandbag stations and they can't keep sand at the stations.  Geez.  Landfall is expected Friday night just west of Baton Rouge.

My friend and CAAWS co-worker in Grand Isle is already evacuated.  But they get everything and get it first.
Can you believe this?  They are saying that we will only get 3-6 inches of rain, however it strengthened to 60mph 


  1. Stay dry! Don't come this way b/c it is heading straight for us. Go east!

  2. I can't imagine having to live with the flashbacks when new threats come. I will cross my fingers that the storm subsides.

  3. Crossing my fingers you get spared.

  4. The pictures sure look scary! You won't get flooding with that amount of rain but let's hope nothing blows away. Jeez! Floods, hurricanes - what's next? At least you aren't in the west with the 120 degree heat and wildfires. That sounds really horrible. Do you have to board up windows when hurricanes come around?

  5. You have been in my thoughts all day since I heard about the storm.


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