Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Triangles and Leaves

Cindy needs to go back and take Hurricane Lessons!  She turned out to be a dud, which is a good thing.  We didn't have anything like the weather people were prophesying.  (Is that a word?) In fact, we had just under an inch of rain so .8

As I said, this is all good.

My fiber group was cancelled, but we decided to meet anyway.  gosh these people are so creative.

I showed my 100 Meter Swim Meet quilt top today, even though the theme was "scent".  I pretended it was the chlorine in the pool, LOL.  BeBe had a fantastic perfume bottle she took a photo of, manipulated and printed on fabric.  she also had a piece that she printed at Spoonflower.  Tracy made some scented bracelets, Yvonne tested out some ways of finishing her piece and Judy found a UFO from a technique class 10 years ago that she finished up.

I have been working on the Leaves quilt on the long arm.  I had made the decision pre-flood to do the millions of tiny circles in the background.  Now, post-flood, I still have a million tiny circles to do.  I am thinking my decision was probably not the best decision.  But.....It is looking fabulous and I am getting really good at tiny circles!                                                                  

I pulled this from just before the flood.  I took one picture with the grey at the Quilt Haus and the one with beige is on my design wall.   Same quilt looks totally different.  Not sure which one I like better.

But I have a couple other things I need to work on before I have to make that decision.


  1. Loved talking to you. Cindy may go visit Texas instead of Acadiana.

  2. So glad the storm effects weren't worse. The effects here were a lot worse here with a couple of inches of rain since midnight and at least one tornado nearby. Love the leaves quilt, hate the thought of all those circles.

  3. I am so glad to hear Cindy was a bust. You have a lot of projects going on - good for you! Chlorine a scent? LOL!!!


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