Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Boy, That Hurts

I had my initial physical therapy visit today.  It was like seeing old friends! 

Trinity did the workup  and found all the places that hurt.  We did range of motion and found that I had less range (uh-huh) in the bad hip.  She also  decided that the muscles were pulling my spine out of alignment and causing some of the problem so we will work on that as well.

About 8 years ago my vet cousin who is also an animal acupuncturist was helping me with Bonnie Doon's bad hips.  I wanted to see what Bonnie was feeling so I scheduled myself some Chinese acupuncture on my hand.  It helped some, I eventually had to have the tendon sheath cut to relieve the pressure. 

So this was not my first exposure to the needles when Trinity did the dry needling technique.  Immediately my muscles released around the spine.  Now, a couple of those places and a few in my hip are pretty sore from the needles.

The needles are inserted into a pain trigger point and will cause the muscle to twitch.  The needle insertion doesn't hurt, although I could feel when it hit that twitch point.  And the twitch doesn't hurt either; it is an involuntary response.  I really couldn't feel it as a twitch, more of a buzz.

Have you had dry needling done before?  The procedure has a high efficacy rate, which means it works. 

Friday we start with the exercises. 

I am thinking of working one of the baby bird photos to create a piece I can have printed on a larger canvas to threadpaint.  I need to as one of my artist friends they get their prints done.  I think I know where I am going to take it though from previous conversations.

Maybe this one, but there are some other possibilities.  Not sure how much it costs, but I want to try one at first.

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  1. I have never had acupuncter. I hope it along with the physical therapy helps your aches and pains go away.


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