Saturday, November 25, 2017

Finishes for OMG at Elm Street Quilts

 I am linking with Elm Street Quilts for her One Monthly Goal Completion tally.  The Come To Jesus in the quilting world.  I think it really helped me, because i would have continued to put off binding that Santa quilt, like I have for the last 11 years.

You know, the other day I found out that Patty of Elm Street Quilts does not live on Elm Street.  Hmmmmm.

Also I realized that if you are going to be a quilter of any note you need to be named either Patty or Julie.  Isn't that weird?  There sure are a lot of Pattys and Julies out there in the quilting world.  But just how many quilters do you know named glenda?  Or glen?

Not many, which is one reason I have always hated my name.  I should have stuck with the nickname my brother gave me, Sissy.  But I don't really see myself as a Sissy.  Or the one my father always called me, gaggie.  No, not like gagging, but more like gog.  Or grog.  You know, I do miss hearing that.  Only two people ever called me gaggie, and I miss both of them.  Diane lives a couple of cities over in Covington.  And I don't get to see her often, but when I do, she always calls me gaggie!

But I digress.....Finishes.........

I projected four goals.......and I finished all of them.

1.  Bind Santa - Done     

2.  Quilt at least one quilt - done (and I quilted two actually for extra brownie points!  I should win something just for that).  Next month my goals should be to bind these guys.

I did quilt the Improv Strpes but I must have put that photo somewhere really safe  because I cannot find it in my quilt photo anywhere.  So you need to just take my word on this one.

Or go  here and check out for yourself.  

I do have the Triangle Quilt to show, front and back.  Make it larger by clicking on them.

3.   Quilt for the Naval Cadet Ball is finished and delivered for the Big Raffle!

 4.  Do some embroidery on the One Road Thru Town for the CFAL Journeys Show in 2018.  I still can't believe I am so far ahead of having a piece ready!  Usually I am sitting in the venue while everyone is hanging stuff and working feverishly to get the piece finished!

Like I said, I should win.........because I went above and beyond and quilted that extra quilt in there.....Patty, you listening?


  1. Gosh - you called me cool! As far as a lot of Julies, there were 3 of us all through school (K-12) and sevearl when I was in college ...

  2. Love the quilt. I'm glad you find the link-up motivating. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  3. Congratulations on a finish especially an old one. Your Improv Stripes is fabulous, one of my favorites.

  4. Yes, but Glenda is the good witch who grants all quilty wishes including her own and finishes quilts with the wave of her sequin covered wand. Please wave your finishing wand in my direction as I need all the help of can get.

  5. Great job! You really pushed yourself to meet your commitment and if you sign up for December OMG you have to start all over! It takes discipline and fortitude to meet those goals every month.

  6. Good Morning!
    I would say linking up to Patty's OMG was a fabulous motivation for you! And so many goals - holy moly. Congrats on getting them all complete, especially that Santa that needed the binding. ~smile~ Roseanne


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