Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Love Birds for Julie

The Love Birds finally got their tails in gear.  I would like to show you each one, but they will not stop smooching long enough for me to get a pic!

I can't tell the difference between them, which is male or which is female.  They might be same sex birds, I don't know.

I do know they lack a chest divot.  Hmmmm.

This is the mess they left behind when they flew off.   I cannot believe they wouldn't clean up behind themselves, but they didn't.

I just don't know how they expect  me to find two more birds in there.


These guys bring the count to 16.

 Then the Hawk flew in!

He was magnificent in his patriotic plumage.  He reflects our Grand Ole Flag and the freedoms we have here in America.

With him he had the Patriotic Pigeons by his side.  The three of them were caucusing on the ironing board before they headed to the design wall.

The design wall is getting very crowded over there.  I am going to have to move something.  Either I need to work on that green piece or i need to make a new nesting area for the birds.

The birds also need some more HSTs as well.  I am not sure exactly how many HSTs I will need, but the tiny package of 2 1/2 inch squares I had (appropriately named Early Bird) is all gone.  I will need to supplement with my scraps and strips from my stash.

Lord knows I have enough to make a million or seven more!

Total bird count:  19


  1. What a pretty couple! Your birds are so cool! I like how you are inspired by so many different things and translate that into a bird. You need more design wall!

  2. Love your birds - all of them, the patriotic pigeons and the hawk and the lovebirds. I TOLD you they were addictive! And yes, you need a bigger design wall. You'll figure out what to do with them - make a quilt! LOL


  3. Not every bird needs a chest divot. Love your stories.

  4. Love your love birds. In fact, they are all darling. The triangles add so much: great mix of random and organized.


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