Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Fight or Die Challenge

Yep, fight or die.

Keep reading, it is not a QUILT challenge!  LOL.

When asked what I wanted for Christmas I kept saying I wanted a Ring Doorbell.  Don't know why, just felt the need for speed in my doorbell technology, I guess.  Frank kept zoning out and ignoring me every single time I answered Christmas questions in that way.

At some point I knew I was NOT going to get a Ring Doorbell.  So when QVC had a great deal on one, I ordered it. 

It sat in the unopened box for a few weeks.  It is not jumping on the door frame  by itself!  So I began making discrete inquiries.

Frank said there was no way he wanted to deal with electricity  to put it up.

After I watched his son for two days while they partied, I asked Andrew to put it up as he lay on my sofa drinking my Dr. Pepper.  He made vague agreement sounds, but never moved to look at it......even though at one point I laid it on his chest.

I queried Frank once again.  Nope, he says, not dealing with electricity. So I walked down the street and asked Jay if he would do it.  He had no problem picking up some extra bucks.  Meanwhile, Frank asked Hunter to put it in, and he agreed to do it on Saturday next.  I was just waiting for Jay to have some free time.

So today Frank says to me, there is no way you could put in this doorbell.  Hey, ladies, Fight Or Die Challenge if I ever see one.

So today while he was at the Sleep Doc.....guess what?  I put up the Ring Doorbell.  I have video, I have inside door chimes, I have motion detectors, I can see it on my phone from anywhere I am in the world......well, when I am not home anyway.  So exactly what was it I can't do, sweetheart?

Yep.......I fought........Frank died.......and I guess I have no Christmas present, right?

Ooh ooh ooh...................but I do have my next bird colors!


  1. Those look like the lovebird colors.

  2. What Julie said, You go, girl!!!

  3. Good for you! If you want something done you have to do it yourself. I have a question - do you need to have the internet to have a ring doorbell? I have been hesitating to install my new old fashioned door bell, but if you can do it I should be able to install mine! I just have to wait until I get some of the stuff out of the kitchen so I can set up a ladder. I just bought myself my Christmas present - a finish nailer. Now I don't have to borrow my brother's. I guess his is not working too good anyway. I will break it in installing baseboard and trim.

  4. Good for you! (And good for Patty A., too!)

  5. If you want something done, ask a woman! Yay for you!


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