Saturday, December 9, 2017

Playing With

Remember those green fat eights I won in the lotto at the Modern Guild the other day?

I locked myself (and all three dogs) in my quilt room.  I opened Rayna's book and went to town.

She has a chapter where she walks you through a creation session.  I ended up with a core group of squares.  And she gives some pointers on using other stuff to create a quilt top.

I just kept going.

And going.

And going.

You know, I thought I took pictures.  Guess not. 

this is what I ended up with.  Now I need to hit a quilt shop and see if hey have one or more of the greens.  I know what I want in the open spaces but lack the greens to get me there.

I am going to hazard a guess that neither shop will have the colors.  Neither is anywhere near modern.  So I am going to check the online shops as well.

Maybe first, huh?  Yeah. 

I consider this a successful session with my rotary cutter.  And McGee only ate one of my squares.  I had just enough green left to make another one.


  1. These are my shades of greens. Very interesting with black and white, too.

  2. Only one square went to the dogs - hooray.

  3. The birds are looking at all that green because they miss the green foliage and grass under the snow. Is there still snow on the ground? Aren't snow days the best? Can't go anywhere so you are forced to stay home and play with fabric. Such a hardship.

  4. Snow day sewing is THE BEST - especially for those of us in the South because it happens so rarely.

  5. Ps - I have that same pouch and love my magnetic pin dish from Harbor Freight. Your birds are looking marvelous!!!


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