Friday, December 8, 2017

Sneaux Day Part Deux

The Cox Cable Guy was scheduled to come today.  With everything closed, we figured he was going to sleep in.  To my surprise he showed up and is working on figuring out why 3 of my remotes don't work.

Keep in mind, we are in Baton Rouge, LA - the Deep South!  And the entire city is shut down!  We get snow about every 10 years or so, last one was 2008 when we had 4 inches.  Generally it doesn't stay long, maybe a few hours or so, before it turns to rain.  This year it seems to be sticking!

Dogs seemed to enjoy the white yard.

 My father made this sundial as a replica of the one in front of the Mississippi Rest Center along I-10.

My azaleas are blooming, in the snow.

The view into the back behind our houses is beautiful, like a post card.

The snow is coming down pretty heavily.  This is Dale and Barb's house next door.

The front of my house at about 7 am this morning, love the illumination  on that flag.

The view down my driveway, crape myrtles make a green tunnel in the summer time.

I am standing on my porch looking down Hollow Tree Ridge.  Such a beautiful sight!

They say it will snow all afternoon too.  Unprecedented!

Go Sneaux!


  1. My son told me it was snowing. He's having a good time and using all the quilts I've given him to stay warmer inside. We are planning to meet him in NOLA but not if the roads are still bad.

  2. The weather is backwards so far. I live in Colorado and it has been VERY dry and VERY windy. Even the mountains aren't getting much.
    I enjoy your sense of humor and blog very much BTW.

    Sharon in Colorado

  3. Wow. Right now you have more snow in your yard than I do here in western New York State, south of Buffalo. Now that says something!

  4. Isn't it beautiful! I do love snow. So much better than rain that turns to ice. I'll bet you don't even have a shovel. enjoy!


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